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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your Birthday in Style at Wimbledon Gymnastics Centre

What we offer:


Discipline Style: You can book 3 styles of Parties: 

                            * Artistic Gymnastics (Balance Beam, Bars, Vault, Floor)

                            * Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ribbons, Hoops, Ropes, Ball and Dance)

                            * Performing Dance (Acro-dance, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz and Choreographies).


Bookings Days:  Saturdays:                                              Sundays:

                             Party one: from 3.30 to 5.00pm              Party one:  from 12.30 to 2.00pm 

                                                                                             Party two:  from 2.30 to 4.00pm


Activities: The formal session will start 10minutes from the booking time and finish 10min before the booking finishes for dress up and dismissal.  All children will train on Apparatus. Warmup Games and dance.

Our Parties do not include catering or cakes.


What’s included: 

  • Decoration in the reception hall and Front Door

  • Birthday invitation cards.

  • Reward Stickers to all participants.

  • 10% on Locals restaurants.

  • Discounts for WGC and SSG members

  • Extra hot meal lunch options at The William Morris Pub. 


Packages we offer depend on children attending:


£300 (memb).

£330 (Non Mem)

Up to 

10 children


£330 (memb).

£360 (Non Mem)

Up to 

15 children


£360 (memb).

£390 (Non Mem)

Up to 

20 children

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Please read important information and FAQ's below:


> What is the minimum age to attend a party: We offer Birthday parties from 5y.o.

> What to wear: Children can wear t-shirt/leotards leggings or shorts/sport trousers, please do not wear dresses to our sessions.

> We allow just the birthday girl or boy Parents to remain in the premises to help all participants if they need to go to the toilets or for any other reason. Guests parents are not allowed to remain in the Centre, nor gathering in the House corridors. They are invited to come 15 min. before the party finishes, if they want to see their children.

> We do not offer catering and food/drink stations. Our Party sessions are exclusively Gymnastics and Performing Dance training sessions. Children are allow to bring water if they wish.

>Jewellery: Our club is member of British Gymnastics, so for safety reasons and following the insurance rules, Jewellery is not allowed. If wearing religion accessories it will be recommended to remove it or cover it with plasters or sport bands. WGC and SSL will not be liable of any injure cause for wearing religious jewellery.

Earings need to be removed. Please ask all parents to collaborate in this matter to avoid waisting time at the Party.

> Pictures: Your can take pictures of your birthday child and friends at any time but we will offer time before the end of the session for the Frame picture and all children together.

> We are dedicated and professional when teaching gymnastics and dance skills and we do not permit children to flip around just for fun.

Wimbledon Gymnastics by SSL is not resposablie if a child gets injured or hurt for not following coaches instructions. Gymnastics and Acro-Dance are risky activities but they can be done safe if following instructions and execute skills at each participant level.

Coaches have the rights to ask a participant to sit on the side if not following the party activities placing her/him or others in risk.

> We can provide invitation cards (2 choose from  different designs) if you wish. It is included and free of charge.

> In order to reserve the date we need to receive the full payment and disclosure/information form.

> We do not refund the difference for children not attending. If booking a party up to 15 children and only 10 attend the fees will not be refunded.

> We can refund up to 50% of the fees up to 21 days prior to the Birthday Party. 

> Cancellations made within 20 days of the Birthday party, will not be refunded. In case of sickness it is at discretion of the Club and depending on availability if we can change the Party date.

Continue reading: For full information and disclosure please CLICK HERE

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