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Holiday Training Camps and School Half term Camps at Wimbledon Gymnastics Centre.

What to expect at our Training Camps

Each session of the weekly Gymnastics Training Camp (Morning and Afternoon sessions) will have the following activities and disciplines:

> Artistic Gymnastics:

* Bars, Balance Beams, Vault & Trampette.

* Floor Air mats and foam equipment

* Harness and Pit landing Area (for aerials and vault skills)

> Rhythmic Gymnastics:

* Ribbons, Hoops, Ball, Ropes, Clubs.

> Performing Dance:

* Contemporary, Jazz and Acro-dance skills.

* Choreographies and improvisation skills.

> Games: Children will have fun with games related to gymnastics

skills using our apparatus.

> Outdoor picnic! Subject to weather conditions. we will have the snack time outdoors -behind our building- in the Merton Abbey Mills greens. 

 > Lunch: For full day camps, children have a hot lunch included at the Watermill restaurant.

> What to bring at our camps: Children need to bring a water bottle, snack, their own leotard or uniform and our Club's T-short to wear during the snacks and lunch time.

February Clinics

Our Clinics are specialised planned to beneficial our students

development given them the opportunity to attend intense trainings.

Clinics are for children from 6 to 17yo

Holidays Training Camps 2024 Dates

February   From 12th to 16th                           

April      From 2nd to 5th 

March   From 27th to 30th    

July/August  From 22nd Jul to 9th Aug.     

For full information and fees visit our page: Holiday camps

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