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Senior Classes for over 55y.o. General fitness, dance and a bit of gymnastics. All in One! at your own level.



Thursday SENIORS 10.00 to 10.55am

Thursday SENIORS 11.00 to 11.55am

Other Classes for adults:

See our Adult's link-->

What Seniors Train on:

> Balance, Coordination with the body & hand apparatus, Dance & Rhythm, Stretching-strength.

> RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: Explore manual apparatus such us Ribbons, Ball, Hoop.

> CIRCUIT: General walking exercises on different platforms or levels or sides. (Gentle walking forward, backwards and sideways). We combine with gentle strength according to each need.

> STRETCHING: We teach gentle stretching to different levels of participants. > DANCE & RHYTHM: Mini choreographies to have fun while learning gymnastics shapes.

> GYMNASTICS: This is optional but why not trying to walk on floor Balance Beams (with the coach's help), bounce on our air-mats or just hold the bars.

We varies the class every week. Expect to do the same moves but also different every week.

No experience is required.

Having Fun is require!

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