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Gym-Fit Classes. Fitness classes for adults. Read more about the different classes we offer.



Monday FIT-DANCE 7.35 to 8.35pm

Tuesday ST-ST (Strength 12.00 to 1.00pm

& Stretching)

Tuesday Rhythmic Gymnastics 7.35 to 8.35pm

Wednesday GYM-FIT-CALLISTHENICS 11.00 to 12.00pm

Wednesday AIR-GYM 12.00 to 1.00pm

Thursday SENIORS 10.00 to 10.55am

Thursday SENIORS 11.00 to 11.55am

Thursday GYMNASTICS 8.05 to 9.05pm

Friday GYMNASTICS 7.35 to 8.35pm

> FIT-DANCE: Get fit whiel dancing. General fitness work out.

> ST-ST: Train your core, strenght conditiong and flexibility.

> RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: For adults, no experience is needed.

> CIRCUIT: Core work, and general strenght training under clock! This trainin focus on the anaerobic-Aerobic energy system.

> CALLISTHENICS: Your body if your weights. Training with your own body weight allows you to retain the strenght and muscles even if you don't train periodically.

> GYM-FIT: Join the British Gymnastics Fitness training for adults.

> AIR GYM: Learn gymnastics skills through air equipment, harness and have fun!

> GYMNASTICS: Learn basic gymnastics skills on Floor, Bars, Vault and Balance Beam. No experience is requiered. Try this great sport. Adults can choose what apparatus and skill to train during the class with a professional coach.

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